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At SMITH BROS. MEATS in Colby, Wisconsin, we sell more than just retail choice meats. We offer the largest local assortment of flavored meats, as well as wholesale meat sales, natural cheeses, specialty sausages and bratwursts, and 15 different flavors of meat snack sticks. In addition, we also sell Traeger™, Green Mountain™, and Louisiana Pellet grills and barbecues, and a variety of spices.

Wholesale Meat Sales

Over the years, our company has expanded to include wholesale meat sales. We travel within a 100-mile radius of our location to supply grocery and convenience stores with a variety of custom meats.

Natural Cheeses

Using fresh, local ingredients, including local cow's milk, we offer numerous varieties of handmade, natural cheeses. Our delicious cheese varieties include:

• Baby Swiss
• Cheddar - Mild, Medium, Sharp, and Extra-Sharp
• Colby Longhorn
• German Brick
• Limburger


Our retail meat counter carries a large selection of fresh-cut meats and delicious specialties we've created ourselves. Check out some of our favorites, including:

• Beef Sticks
• Colby Smokies
• Fresh Or Smoked Bratwurst
• Home-Cured Ham, Bacon, and Sausage
• Hot Sticks
• Landjaeger's Smoked Beef Strips
• Natural Casing Wieners
• Polish Or Kielbasa Sausage
• Ring Liver Sausage
• Summer Sausage

Snack Sticks

Enjoy some of our tasty snack sticks, beef strips, and bratwursts. Available in a variety of flavors, we offer the following:

• Bacon and Cheese Brats
• BBQ Snack Sticks
• Beef Strips
• Beer and Kraut Brats
• Cheese Colby Smokies
• Colby Smokies
• Fresh Polish Sausage
• Hot Pepper Cheese Snack Sticks
• Italian Sausage
• Jalapeno Beef
• Jalapeno Brats
• Mushroom and Swiss Brats
• Peppercorn Flavored Beef Strips
• Pepperoni Flavored Snack Sticks
• Philly Steak and Cheese Brats
• Pizza Snack Sticks
• Pre-Cooked Brats
• Salsa Cheese Snack Sticks
• Smoked Beef Strips
• Swedish Potato Sausage

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