Precision Meat Cutting for Your Wild Game Harvest

With 30 years of experience, Smith Bros. Meats in Colby, Wisconsin is available to provide all of your, year round, venison and wild game processing needs! With your wild game, we can provide steaks, chops and roasts! 

We can process a variety of wild game to create a large assortment of fresh or smoked sausage. We require a 25lb minimum batch for all sausage products, excluding jerky and bacon (17lbs. of your wild game, plus an additional 8lbs. of our pork/beef is what would be needed to make a 25lb. batch. Pork is our recommendation, but beef may be substituted for an additional charge). Jerky and bacon require a 10lb minimum batch. Our special items menu includes the following, and all prices include vacuum packing:

VENISON PROCESSING (Skinning, Cutting & Wrapping)
All Boneless Cuts Wrapped - $85.00
All Boneless Cuts Vacuum Packaged - $95.00
Headless Deer w/Hide on - $20.00
Cutting off Antlers - $4.00
Caping of Deer - $30.00
Hide Returned - $10.00
SUMMER SAUSAGE (2lb or 4lb Sticks)
Summer Sausage (30% Pork) - $3.09/lb
Garlic Summer Sausage (30% Pork) - $3.09/lb
Jalepeno Summer Sausage (30% Pork) - $3.29/lb
Colby Smokies (40% Pork) - $4.29/lb
BBQ Pepper Cheddar Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.99/lb
Dill Pickle Sticks (30% Beef) - $3.99/lb
Ham & Cheese Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.99/lb
Honey BBQ Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.49/lb
Honey Ham Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.49/lb
Hot Pepper Cheese Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.99/lb
Hot Sticks (30% Beef) - $3.99/lb
Jalapeno Hot Sticks (30% Beef) - $3.99/lb
Landjaegers (30% Beef) - $4.19/lb
Salsa & Cheese Snack Sticks (40% Pork) - $3.99/lb
ADD CHEESE - $.50/lb
Bulk Breakfast Sausage (40% Pork - 1lb Pkgs) - $2.19/lb
Breakfast Links (40% Pork) - $3.29/lb
Seasoned Patties - $.99/lb
Seasoned Patties With Pork - $2.89/lb
Venison Patties Plain, Brat or Breakfast (40% Pork) - $2.89/lb
Venison Patties Plain, Brat or Breakfast - $.99/lb
Venison Bacon Including Slicing & Packaging (40% Pork) - $3.29/lb
Venison Meatloaf (40% Pork) - $2.49/lb

Cured, Smoked Venison Round Includes Slicing & Packaging - $2.49/lb
Cured, Smoked Venison Round Left Whole - $1.49/lb
Cured, Smoked Venison Round Pieces Includes Slicing & Packaging - $3.79/lb
Cured, Smoked Venison Round Pieces Pieces ONLY - $2.79/lb
Marinated Venison Round Includes Slicing & Packaging - $3.49/lb 

Wieners, Skinless (40% Pork) - $3.39/lb
Fresh Brats - $3.09/lb
Smoked Brats (40% Pork) - $3.09/lb
Polish Or Kielbasa Sausage (40% Pork) - $3.09/lb
Big/Ring Bologna (40% Pork) - $3.09/lb
German Big/Ring Bologna (40% Pork) - $3.09/lb
Mettwurst - $3.09/lb
ADD CHEESE Cheddar, Swiss, Hot Pepper, Mozzarella - $0.50/lb

A $50 deposit is required on all wild game processing.

There will be a loss of weight due to the smoking process.
You're being billed on the starting weight. Prices subject to change without notification.
You can add beef in place of pork but there will be a price increase.